Jan Miner for Probate Judge

Much like myself, some of my friends dabble in freelancing as well! A few of my friends run political campaigns in Bay County. In January 2016, I was approached by the Committee to Elect Jan A Miner Probate Judge; a campaign my friend was running. Over the next few months, I worked with the team to create an identity system and a great number of campaigning material: yard signs, buttons, ads, informative mailers, invitations, thank-you cards, facebook materials, and even a coloring book! Between this campaign and the campaign for Nancy Borushko, I kept myself pretty busy throughout most of 2016, and learned quite a bit the local political scene.

Elongated Logo

One version of the final logo, colloquially referred to as 'the elongated logo.'

Stacked Logo - Full Color
Stacked Logo - Reversed Color

"Stacked" version of the final logo

Inverted Color, stacked logo

Storyboard Front
Storyboard Back

"Storyboard" lit piece, front

"Storyboard" lit piece, back

Litpiece Front
Litpiece Back

Standard lit piece, front

Standard lit piece, back

Yard Sign


Yard Sign